Premium Dry-Aged
Limousin Beef

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Premium Dry-Aged
Limousin Beef

Our cattle complete their complete life cycle within a thirty mile radius. From calving to feeding to harvest we are local.

locally raised

farmboy limousin beef

The Limousin breed naturally adds muscle and efficiency and we choose to let them show their potential. No growth hormones or beta-agonists are ever used.

no added hormones

We follow natural procedures when feeding our cattle and will never use any type of feed that would include animal byproducts or unnatural feeds.

vegetarian fed

Our local plant is family owned and has been a part of our community for two generations. Their reputation for excellent service and product quality is well known. 

usda inspected

Our proven dry-aging process has been very successful for us and our customers. It naturally increases and concentrates the beef flavor and tenderness. One bite of our Limousin beef will tell you how well it works.


"Just purchased a half beef. Probably the best meat I have purchased. Very tender.” 

Mike R. Kennewick, WA


“This beef is even better than the last one! As good as it gets.” 

John H. Hermiston, OR

“Best meat we’ve had!”

Mark J. Pasco, WA






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